Survivor - Season 36


Over the spring of 2000, sixteen average Americans (divided into two tribes which eventually merge into one) were sequestered on the deserted island of Pulau Tiga for 39 days. For their stay, they must learn to live as a tribe, although eventually, it is everyone for themselves. They compete in challenges for "luxuries" (a barbecue, a phone call home, etc.) and immunity. Every three days, the losers of the latter challenges must face tribal council, where they will account for their actions by voting one person off of the island. At the end of day 39, there will be only one survivor left who will leave the island with one million dollars. Based on the Swedish game show, "Operation Robinson."
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S36E15 - Live Reunion Show

The castaways reunite in Los Angeles to discuss the Ghost Island sea..

S36E14 - It Is Game Time ..

Castaways try to navigate their way to immunity when facing the bigg..

S36E13 - Always Be Moving

After a tough immunity challenge, one castaway will earn a 1 in 6 sh..

S36E12 - A Giant Game of ..

A visit from loved ones hits the spot for castaways at the reward ch..

S36E11 - The Finish Line ..

Two people will be voted out in an all-new surprise twist. Also, one..

S36E10 - It's Like the Pe..

A determined castaway goes on a mission to break up a power alliance.

S36E9 - The Sea Slug Slug..

A classic Survivor eating challenge is back, and individual immunity..

S36E8 - Fear Keeps You Sh..

The merge threatens to increase the tension between two ongoing riva..

S36E5 - A Diamond in the ..

One castaway attempts to rekindle relationships after duping their t..

S36E4 - Trust Your Gut

Castaways get physical during a classic water challenge, and a pair ..

S36E3 - Only Time Will Tell

A surprising tribe swap shakes up the game and one castaway sets the..

S36E2 - Can You Reverse t..

A group of new Survivors attempt to “reverse the curse” of bad p..

S36E1 - Can You Reverse t..

A group of new Survivors attempt to “reverse the curse” of bad p..