Survivor - Season 33


Over the spring of 2000, sixteen average Americans (divided into two tribes which eventually merge into one) were sequestered on the deserted island of Pulau Tiga for 39 days. For their stay, they must learn to live as a tribe, although eventually, it is everyone for themselves. They compete in challenges for "luxuries" (a barbecue, a phone call home, etc.) and immunity. Every three days, the losers of the latter challenges must face tribal council, where they will account for their actions by voting one person off of the island. At the end of day 39, there will be only one survivor left who will leave the island with one million dollars. Based on the Swedish game show, "Operation Robinson."
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S33E15 - Survivor: Millen..

The castaways reunite in Los Angeles to discuss the season with Jeff..

S33E14 - I'm Going For a ..

Steady hands will earn a spot in the final three and a chance at the..

S33E13 - Slayed the Survi..

It’s double the Tribal Councils as two castaways are sent home, an..

S33E12 - About to Have a ..

Castaways receive a much-needed reward in the form of love, and one ..

S33E10 - Million Dollar G..

A power struggle between castaways erupts, and each player tries to ..

S33E9 - Still Throwin’ ..

Two castaways with secrets about each other use them as leverage in ..

S33E8 - I’m the Kingpin

The season’s first Individual Immunity is up for grabs in a classi..

S33E7 - I Will Destroy You

Two millennials attempt to put the past behind them and work togethe..

S33E6 - The Truth Works W..

Figgy and Taylor may regret an earlier decision to reveal their budd..

S33E5 - Idol Search Party

Castaways form a search party to hunt for the Hidden Immunity Idol, ..

S33E4 - Who's the Sucker ..

Millennials and Gen X get physical in the first Reward Challenge of ..

S33E3 - Your Job is Recon

Castaways get a chance to mingle with the “enemy,” and balance a..

S33E2 - Love Goggles

One castaway dons his “love goggles” when he’s struck by anoth..

S33E1 - May the Best Gene..

A war of generations begins as Millennials battle Gen X. A massive s..