Superstore - Season 1


A look at the lives of employees at a big box store.
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S1E11 - Labor

When Amy calls corporate to talk about maternity leave for employees..

S1E10 - Demotion

When Jonah claims he would date Dina if she wasn't his supervisor, s..

S1E9 - All-Nighter

When all employees are forced to spend the night in the store as the..

S1E8 - Wedding Day Sale

When Cheyenne and Bo intend to make lavish purchases during the stor..

S1E7 - Color Wars

Glenn announces that all employees will receive a $200 bonus if the ..

S1E5 - Shoplifter

When Amy's daughter, Emma, is without a babysitter for the day, Amy ..

S1E4 - Mannequin

Glenn asks Amy and Mateo to sample salsa which leads to a racial int..


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S1E2 - Magazine Profile

A magazine plans to do a story on the store, and the reporter's roma..

S1E1 - Pilot

Jonah (Ben Feldman) begins his first day at the store, but his relat..