Life Below Zero


The everyday struggles of living in the secluded state of Alaska where one wrong decision could cost you your life.
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S11E8 - Into the Storm

Sue must build new furniture from scratch. Ricko traps a dangerous f..

S11E7 - A Lesson Learned

Sue gathers resources at her property in Chena. Ricko must repair a ..

S11E6 -Strength In Numbers

Life in the isolated wilderness is possible only when people work to..

S11E5 - Home Again

With dark winter descending on the Arctic, unseasonably warm tempera..

S11E4 -Arctic Harvest

At the onset of dark winter, the clock is ticking for Alaskans to br..

S11E1 - Changing of the G..

With winter bearing down on the Arctic, Alaskans race to prepare the..

S10E11 - Feast or Famine

Alaskans living in the remote wilderness face the daily challenge of..

S10E8 - Close Encounter

Alaskans must seize the last days of warmth to hunt and fish along t..

S10E7 -The Widowmaker

With the freeze drawing near, the need for Alaskans to prepare for w..

S10E5 - The Intruder

An exploration of the remote corners of Alaska.

S10E4 - To Catch a King

In the Arctic, Alaskans rely on the surrounding waterways to provide..

S10E3 - Facing Fears

With only a brief window between breakup and winter, Alaskans scramb..

S10E2 - New Territory

Daylight for 24-hours in the spring allows Alaskans to work nonstop ..

S10E1 -Homecoming

As the ice and snow melt across the Arctic, Alaskans take advantage ..

S9E9 - Primitive Ways

Alaskans apply primitive knowledge and skill to build a life in the ..

S9E7 - Shelter From the S..

Alaskans learn new survival skills as winter loses its grip on the A..

S9E5 - Artic Super Moon

In the midst of dark winter’s onslaught, Alaskans head out into th..

S9E4 - Burn the Midnight ..

Amid dark winter’s deadly conditions, Alaskans must capitalize on ..

S9E3 - The 11th Hour

As winter overtakes the Arctic and temperatures fall to excruciating..

S9E1 - Unfamiliar Territory

Alaskans must travel through unfamiliar, freezing and treacherous te..

S8E9 - Andy Bassich

Andy Bassich lives an independent life with his sled dogs in the rem..

S8E8 - Higher Ground

As the thaw draws to a close, Alaskans maximize their final days of ..

S8E7 - Midnight Sun

Alaskans must ensure they are prepared to withstand the extreme cold..

S8E6 - The Slow Grind

As the summer begins to fade, Alaskans must take advantage of the lo..

S8E5 - Against the Tide

The final leg of Martin's 2500-mile campervan trip around the UK fin..

S8E4 - Head Above Water

As the rivers melt, Alaskans try to stay ahead of the changing lands..


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S8E1 - The Confrontation

With seasons changing in the Arctic, Alaskans hunt in the wilderness..

S7E15 - No Shortcuts

The winter comes to a close but the Alaskans are still struggling wi..

S7E14 - Glenn Villeneuve

Glenn Villeneuve's life above the Arctic Circle is chronicled.

S7E13 - The Hailstones

Chip and Agnes Hailstone struggle to live in the Artic and survive a..

S7E12 - Loaded

At the end of a brutal winter, and on the cusp of spring, Alaskans e..

S7E11 - Sue Aikens

Sue Aikens has chosen to carve out a life of perilous isolation in t..

S7E10 - Winter Kill

Alaskans pursue scarce resources in anticipation of the coming sprin..

S7E9 - Trapped and Hunted

Though not easy tasks, trapping and hunting are essential activities..

S7E8 - No Boundaries

The Alaskans travel far to obtain they resources they need for survi..

S7E7 - Ghosts of Winter

The Alaskans take on different obstacles to ensure a prosperous wint..

S7E6 - Shakedown

Repairs, hunting and errands are all on the to-do list as five Alask..

S7E5 - Breaking Through

The Arctic’s late freeze presents unique challenges for Alaskans a..

S7E4 - Deadly Tracks

With the freeze under way, Alaskans scramble to secure their livelih..

S7E3 - Falling Apart

Sue makes needed repairs around camp. Jessie collects fish from his ..


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S6E7 - Under the Gun

Sue travels to a weaponry in Fairbanks, the Hailstone family head no..

S6E6 - Divide and Conquer

The Alaskans gather the supplies they will need in order to survive ..

S6E5 - Predator Control

Erik returns to embark on a hunt, and Sue attempts to restock her fr..

S6E4 - Red Flag

Technical issues sideline Sue, while weather issues cause the Hailst..

S6E3 - Running on Empty

Glenn goes on a scouting trip, while Jessie rushes to complete his f..

S6E2 - The Bottom Line

The Hailstones and Jessie work on projects to take advantage of the ..

S6E1 - The Resurrection

In the Season 6 opener, spring approaches and Alaskans take advantag..

S5E12 - The Crash

As winter begins to fade and signs of spring appear, Alaskans must s..

S5E11 - Bent and Broken

Making snares; cutting up the last moose quarter; caribou hunting; c..

S5E10 - No Easy Out

Hunting and fishing on the river; fabricating snowshoes; replenishin..

S5E9 - Emergency Cache

The Hailstones hide emergency supplies along their hunting and trapp..

S5E8 - Alone in the Dark

The challenges of dark winter in sub-zero temperatures; maintaining ..

S5E7 - Darkness Falls

A hundred days without sunlight approach; retrieving wood for heat; ..

S5E6 - Ice Highway

With dark winter just around the corner, Alaskans continue preparing..

S5E5 - The Unknown

Investigating squatters; collecting firewood; braving thin ice to ha..

S5E4 - Out of Control

Alaskans prepare for the winter months; hunting moose; ice fishing; ..

S5E3 - Armed for Winter

Alaskans prepare themselves for winter; hunting caribou; a bear pose..

S5E2 - Ready or Not

Preparation for winter is in full swing as the fall season reaches t..

S5E1 - End of Days

As the Alaskan winter approaches, time is limited to hunt enough car..

S5E00 - End of Days

As the Alaskan winter approaches, time is limited to hunt enough car..

S4E8 - End of Days

As the Alaskan winter approaches, time is limited to hunt enough car..

S4E7 - Last Minute Push

Pressure is building with the last-minute push to prepare for winter.

S4E6 - Ticking Clock

Alaskans stockpile necessary supplies for the coming months with win..

S4E4 - Sink or Swim

Sue tries her hand at fishing when she falls short of the food suppl..

S4E3 - Sink or Swim

Hailstone's daughters hunt for caribou; Andy finds ways to reduce hi..

S4E2 - The Waiting Game

Sue searches for new sources of food when caribou cannot be found; o..

S4E1 - The Awakening

Chip and Agnes teach their daughters how to live off the land; Sue h..

S3E12 - Dark Winter's End

The end of the winter season is quickly approaching, giving harveste..

S3E11 - The Howling

A snowstorm threatens Sue's camp; Chip and Agnes prepare to leave fo..

S3E10 - Search and Rescue

Chip becomes concerned when his son doesn't show up for a hunting tr..

S3E9 - Breaking Point

Sue makes the long journey back to Kavik with her new all-terrain ve..

S3E8 - No Mercy

Sue is locking down camp and heading to Deadhorse to pick up a new e..

S3E7 - Return to the Wild

Glenn returns to his remote camp after months away; grizzlies active..

S3E6 - Thin Ice

In Alaska, the unusually warm weather has resulted in a late freeze ..

S3E5 - Fire and Ice

Andy and Kate teach a visitor survival skills; Sue fortifies her cam..

S3E4 - Calling the Wild

Andy is forced to cut a new trail to his hunting grounds; Sue waits ..

S3E3 - Dark Times Ahead

The Hailstones hunt for a moose to keep them fed during the winter; ..

S3E2 - Deadly Grounds

Erik goes hunting for mountain goats on Kodiak Island; Andy plans to..

S3E1 - Winter's Warning

In the third-season premiere, Sue is forced to face a painful memory..

S2E6 - Hell and High Water

Erik prepares for grizzly hunting season by renting out his property..

S2E5 - Hell and High Water

Erik prepares for grizzly hunting season by renting out his property..

S2E4 - Hell and High Water

Erik prepares for grizzly hunting season by renting out his property..

S2E3 - Hell and High Water

Erik prepares for grizzly hunting season by renting out his property..

S2E2 - Hell and High Water

Erik prepares for grizzly hunting season by renting out his property..

S2E1 - Hell and High Water

Erik prepares for grizzly hunting season by renting out his property..

S1E10 - Hell and High Water

Erik prepares for grizzly hunting season by renting out his property..

S1E9 - The Chase

Chip and Agnes try to hunt down a wolf whose fur they can use to bar..

S1E8 - Checkmate

Andy battles dangerous snowdrifts while driving over steep mountain ..

S1E7 - ColdDark and Alone

Every day challenges can be life threatening or just plain bothersome.

S1E6 - There Be Monsters

Kate joins Andy out in the wilderness for a challenging day of colle..

S1E5 - BloodSweat and Fear

A fierce winter storm threatens Sue's fuel supply and Erik struggles..

S1E4 - Wolf at the Door

Mechanical breakdowns and invading predators threaten the lives of s..

S1E3 - Winter's Edge

Six Alaskans living in the remote corners of the state are in a rush..

S1E2 - HuntBarter and Steal

Four Alaskans living in the remote bush must gather and manage scarc..

S1E1 - End of the Road

A reality series following a group of people surviving in Alaska's f..