Henry Danger


13 year-old boy Henry Hart finds himself helping Captain Man as his side-kick, keeping the secret from his family and friends.
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S5E1 -Henry's Birthday

While trying to celebrate his birthday, Henry keeps getting interrup..

S4E15 -Henry’s Frittle ..

When Henry's dad gets an offer for a new job in Bordertown, Henry an..

S4E11 - Car Trek

Charlotte's birthday road trip to see the Boo Man Group perform gets..

S4E5 - Toon in for Danger

Henry and Ray get a copy of the new Kid Danger and Captain Man carto..

S4E2 - Brawl in the Hall

When Charlotte is challenged to a fight at school, Captain Man and K..

S4E1 - Sick & Wired

Ray thinks Henry is lying about being sick, so he plants cameras and..

S3E20 - Swellview's Got T..

On the season finale of Henry Danger, after discovering contestants ..

S3E18 - Live & Dangerous:..

Frankini has announced his plan to unmask Kid Danger and Captain Man.

S3E17 - Live & Dangerous:..

Captain Man and Kid Danger are invited by a famous Internet celebrit..

S3E16 - Stuck in Two Holes

Charlotte and Jasper must come to the rescue when Captain Man and Ki..

S3E15 - Green Fingers

After Schwoz creates a disease that accidentally effects Charlotte, ..

S3E12 - Gas or Fail

When Captain Man finds himself trapped underground, Henry must devis..

S3E11 - Space Invaders (2)

On the space station, Captain Man and Kid Danger discover a little g..

S3E9 - Double Date Danger

Miss Shapen's niece, Noel, is visiting Swellview and she has Henry o..

S3E7 - Hour of Power (2)

Drex, a former sidekick of Captain Man-turned-supervillain, has been..

S3E5 - The Trouble with F..

Captain Man and Kid Danger find themselves in the middle of a debate..

S3E4 - Mouth Candy

Jasper is accused of stealing the Candy Boot, the most valuable piec..

S2E18 - Danger & Thunder:..

Captain Man, Kid Danger, and Phoebe Thunderman, disguised as Mexican..

S2E17&18 - Danger & Thund..

Captain Man, Kid Danger, and Phoebe Thunderman, disguised as Mexican..

S2E9 - Christmas Danger

When Captain Man gets arrested for committing a petty crime, he is f..

S2E8 - Henry's Jelly

After Jasper is lauded for being a local hero, Henry becomes jealous..

S2E7 - Secret Beef

Henry decides to bring his boss to Swellview's most exclusive restau..

S2E6 - The Time Jerker

When Kid Danger and Captain Man battle the Time Bandit, Kid Danger a..

S2E5 - Captain Man Goes o..

Henry and Charlotte are in charge of protecting Swellview while Ray ..

S2E4 - Henry and the Wood..

When Piper's basketball coach quits, Henry becomes the coach of Pipe..

S2E3 - One HenryThree Girls

Henry's plans for the school dance become complicated when he must a..


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S2E1 - The Beat Goes On

In the second-season opener, Dr. Minyak makes Charlotte an excessive..

S1E25 - Henry & the Bad G..

Captain Man searches desperately for his missing sidekick after Kid ..

S1E24 - Henry & the B..

While trying to track down a gang leader, Kid Danger is tempted by a..

S1E23 - The Bucket Trap

Henry and Charlotte want to tell Jasper that Henry is really Kid Dan..

S1E22 - Captain Jerk

Captain Man tries to boost his image by holding a contest where the ..

S1E21 - Kid Grounded

Henry is grounded after he is caught sneaking out at night; Piper dr..

S1E20 - Dream Busters

A villain's dream beam traps Henry in a dream state from which only ..

S1E19 - Man of the House

Captain Man comes to the decision to move in with Henry's family in ..

S1E18 - Elevator Kiss

Kid Danger and Bianca share a kiss; Henry is upset when he realizes ..

S1E16 - My Phony Valentine

When Henry's crush goes on a date with someone else, Schwoz provides..

S1E15 - Super Volcano

Henry and Ray think the world is ending when a dormant super volcano..

S1E14 - Let's Make a ..

In an attempt to investigate a string of robberies, Captain Man gets..

S1E13 - Spoiler Alert

Henry and Ray must deal with an annoying new villain called the Spoi..

S1E12 - Invisible Brad

Captain Man's friend, who was accidentally turned invisible, shows u..

S1E11 - Henry the Man-Beast

Henry is exposed to a strange device in the Man Cave which causes pr..

S1E10 - Henry the Man-Beast

Henry believes that he was replaced on the basketball team by an old..

S1E9 - Henry the Man-Beast

An accusation prevents Henry from being invited to a girl's birthday..

S1E8 - Henry the Man-Beast

When a piece of rock from outer space is more than it seems, trouble..

S1E7 - Henry the Man-Beast

When Jasper dresses as Kid Danger for Halloween, he is mistaken for ..

S1E6 - Henry the Man-Beast

Charlotte and Henry think a new student is suspicious; Captain Man g..

S1E5 - Tears of the Jolly..

Captain Man loses his powers of invulnerability and becomes too afra..

S1E4 - The Secret Gets Out

Henry's life as Kid Danger is threatened when Charlotte grows suspic..

S1E3 - Mo' DangerMo' Prob..

As Henry tries to adjust to his new role as Kid Danger, he struggles..

S1E2 - The Danger Begins ..

Conclusion. Henry lands a new job as a Kid Danger, sidekick to super..


A 13-year-old boy lands a job as a sidekick to a superhero, and he m..