Casualty - Season 31


Drama depicting the private and working lives of the patients, doctors, nurses and others attending a small but frantically busy accident and emergency department of the large Holby General hospital.
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S31E44 - One

Paul Unwin, the man who co-created Casualty back in 1986, returns as..

S31E43 - Somewhere Betwee..

Scott is admitted to the ED after taking a nasty fall during a fight..

S31E42 - Somewhere Betwee..

Tensions between Jez, Iain, Mickey and Scott look set to reach fever..

S31E41 - Man Up

Ethan discovers Scott's brother Mickey is in a secret relationship w..

S31E40 - War of the Roses

The ED staff are surprised when Sam shows up to work in scrubs inste..

S31E39 - It Had to Be You

Alicia's concerns about Ethan escalate when she discovers he hasn't ..

S31E38 - Do Not Stand at ..

The day of Cal's funeral arrives, and when details emerge of how his..

S31E37 - Swift Vengeance ..

Violence at a right-wing rally outside a local Muslim community cent..

S31E36 - Roadman

Elle agrees to deliver a career talk at her son Blake's school, but ..

S31E35 - End of the Road

Now that Grace is living with Sam, Connie and Hugo have become a con..

S31E34 - Break Point

Louise confronts Jez about his infidelity, but when he comes clean a..

S31E33 - Reap the Whirlwi..

Sam's rash decision to man the ED himself during the staff strike co..

S31E32 - Reap the Whirlwi..

The first day of Cal's planned strike arrives, and while he and his ..

S31E31 - When the Whistle..

Stan Cullen hopes to escape the tyranny of a bullying boss by burni..

S31E30 - Child Of Mine

Connie makes an effort to show how much she cares on Grace's birthda..

S31E29 - Sleeping With Th..

Alicia wakes up in Sam's bed, while Iain and Gem's relationship is t..

S31E28 - Five Days

Robyn is feeling positive following the premature arrival of her dau..

S31E27 - Mobile

David takes a heavily pregnant Robyn to a graveyard, and makes a can..

S31E26 - The Good Samaritan

The Holby staff become increasingly concerned about David's manic be..

S31E25 - It Starts with t..

David prepares to hand Ollie over to his aunt, who will be taking hi..

S31E24 - Slipping Under

Steph, the woman responsible for Grace's hospitalisation, is rushed ..

S31E23 - Binge Britain

Iain is unexpectedly reunited with his sister when he is called out ..

S31E22 - You Are Your Onl..

The day of Elle's hearing arrives, and Connie makes sure Grace is pr..

S31E21 - The Stagthe Dog ..

The morning of Charlie's wedding arrives, and Cal and Ethan wake hun..

S31E19 - Little Sister

Belle, a supervisor from a young offenders institute, is brought int..

S31E18 - Back to School

A scuffle at an illegal rave leads an over-enthusiastic sergeant cau..

S31E15 - Bah Humbug

Holby plays host to its very own Christmas Carol when ruthless depar..

S31E14 - All I Want For C..

Ethan struggles to bury his feelings for Alicia, as she and Cal beco..

S31E13 - Not In Holby Any..

After a disappointing review, Jacob, Charlie and Duffy decide to cha..

S31E12 - About My Mother

Grace wakes up, and seems well enough to go home, but Connie is terr..

S31E11 - Thirty Years

A spark of attraction remains between Charlie and Duffy, but with th..

S31E10 - Shock to the Sys..

Dylan is distraught when Dervla goes missing - although it soon turn..

S31E9 - Night of the Lovi..

Robyn faces a difficult decision, while Ethan passes up the chance o..

S31E8 - The Big Day

Elle calls Connie's ability to focus on the job into question follow..

S31E7 - Too Much Love Wil..

Robyn's plans are thwarted when her ailing sweetheart Glen's health ..

S31E5 - Schoolboy Crush

Duffy pushes Charlie into attending a 50-year school reunion, where ..

S31E4 - Pride Comes Befor..

Ethan and Alicia are thrown together in a rescue operation.

S31E3 - Strike Three

Jac comes down to the ED to perform an emergency operation.

S31E2 - Fall on Me

As yet more emergency cases arrive at Holby's ER, relative newcomer ..

S31E1 - Too Old for This ..

Connie and Grace's lives hang in the balance after they were driven ..