Braxton Family Values


The tight-knit Braxton sisters, Grammy-winning artist Toni Braxton, Traci, Towanda, Trina and Tamar, and their headstrong mother share an inside look at their lives and the drama of family chaos.
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S6E16 - Truth & Consequen..

The Braxtons reveal shocking and surprising confessions to Iyanla Va..

S6E15 - Hot Bed of Crazy

After years of broken communication, the Braxtons begin explosive fa..

S6E14 - Not Today Satan

Toni is shocked when Trina and Towanda reveal the truth about Traci'..

S6E12 - Wellness Hell

Phaedra Parks, Luenell, Natalie Nunn, and other celebrity friends jo..

S6E11 - Traci vs. Sisters

The sisters' shocking walkout changes everything; Traci makes a diff..

S6E10 - Sister Shutdown

Family tension rises; Toni demands an apology; the Braxton sisters s..

S6E9 -Toni-Zilla

Toni's wedding is in jeopardy. The sisters confront Traci about faci..

S6E5 - Don't Rock the Boat

Toni shoots her new music video. Traci gets snubbed by Tamar. Tamar ..

S6E4 - Law & Order

Toni has a big announcement, Tamar is still refusing to open up abou..

S6E2 - Allegedly

Toni's back in the studio with beau, Birdman; when Miss Evelyn speak..

S5E25 - After The Storm

The sisters try to move forward after their dramatic dinner with the..

S5E24 - The Other Mrs. Br..

Daddy brings his wife to Mexico, stunning Miss Evelyn and the gals. ..

S5E22 - Opposing Counsel

Tamar's new single sparks drama when Evelyn is shocked to find out i..

S5E21 - Pop UpPop Off

The sisters confront Trina after hearing concerning rumors before he..

S5E20 - Back in the Hot S..

The sisters fear old wounds will be exposed on Bishop T.D. Jakes' ta..

S5E19 - Bird on The Brain

Tamar tells her parents her secret, stunning Miss Evelyn. Later, Tam..

S5E18 - The Mother of All..

The sisters' blowout fight leads to the mother of all insults. Tamar..

S5E17 - You Run Your Mout..

Towanda's divorce battle continues. Later, sudden glitch injures Ton..

S5E16 - TabloidsRumors& R..

Tamar faces tabloid rumors about her marriage; Towanda finally files..

S5E15 - Spilling The Tea

Tensions rise during a sister slumber party at Toni's house; a trip ..

S5E14 - Broadway or Bust

Trina's sons have a showdown with her ex, Gabe. Later, Tamar informs..

S5E13 - Flippin' The Bird

Tamar's shocked by her sisters' reaction to her surprise. Later, Tri..

S5E12 - Trick Thy Sister

Gabe makes a shocking confession to Trina. Later, Tamar performs at ..

S5E11 - This Is Not About..

Trina continues to move forward with Gabe; Tamar's photo shoot; Trac..

S5E10 - What's the T With..

Toni surprises her sisters with an unexpected visitor to celebrate t..

S5E9 - Wasband's Back

Trina has a candid conversation with her ex that turns sour when pas..

S5E8 - You Want That Old ..

Is Trina reconciling with Gabe?!

S5E7 - Toni Got A Ditty!

Tamar is uber-anxious when she performs for Smokey Robinson. Toni re..


No description

S5E5 - Oh You Tried It!

Toni screens her biopic movie; Tamar meets her on-screen counterpart..


No description

S5E3 - S*** Gets Real

Tamar opens up about being fired from "The Real"; Trina suspects she..

S5E2 - Man Enough For Mommy

Trina hires a matchmaker for Mommy in Atlanta. Toni craves new exper..

S4Special Braxton Family ..

The Braxton family gathers to celebrate Christmas with cooking, cock..

S4E26 - Making Fetch Happen

The sisters work on Toni's Christmas album; Traci storms out over dr..

S4E25 - An Engaging Quest..

Trina's relationship takes a major turn; Tamar's ambitious photo sho..

S4E24 - Restraint Thineself

Tamar is concerned that Trina's boyfriend wants a private meeting wi..

S4E23 - The Feud!

The sisters get competitive on ``Family Feud''; Evelyn is shocked by..

S4E22 - It's a Family Thing

Traci performs at Toni's show; Trina's new man meets Daddy; Traci co..

S4E21 - Last Call

Traci is freaked out about taking the stage with Toni for a big perf..

S4E20 - In the Hot Seat

Trina faces final divorce decisions and stresses over Bar Chix; the ..

S4E19 - One Wild Ride

The sisters get harsh criticism from Bishop T.D. Jakes; Daddy surpri..

S4E18 - Divine Intervention

Tamar misses an important family event and defends herself; a major ..

S4E17 - Queens of the Eve..

Traci's behavior concerns family in Miami; Tamar judges on "RuPaul's..

S4E16 - Sisters Strike Out

The sisters bond over bowling but Trina gets defensive about her div..

S4E15 - FortyFree and on ..

Singer and songwriter Toni Braxton and her four sisters reveal stron..

S4E14 - FortyFree and on ..

Singer and songwriter Toni Braxton and her four sisters reveal stron..

S4E13 - No Time to Panic!

Singer and songwriter Toni Braxton and her four sisters reveal stron..

S4E12 - Ms. E-mergency

Singer and songwriter Toni Braxton and her four sisters reveal stron..

S4E11 - Go for the Jugular

The Braxton sisters attempt to put the past behind them and reunite ..

S4E10 - A Split Decision

Tamar is not happy - will the sisters be able to work together?

S4E7 - A Single Decision

The sisters reconsider the album and decide to do a single; Trina cl..

S4E5 - Starting Off on a ..

Conflicts arise between the sisters, especially Toni and Tamar, as t..

S4E2 - Sisters on the Verge

The sisters go away on a long-overdue therapy retreat, during which ..

S4E1 - Bright LightsBig B..

Season 4 begins with Toni's opening night on Broadway and Tamar's 37..


Tamar is honored at the Soul Train Awards and snags three Grammy nom..


Tamar is honored at the Soul Train Awards and snags three Grammy nom..


The sisters compete on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" for charity.


Trina hits the road to join Tamar on tour, but Tamar's upset by the ..

S3E22 - Chix in a Row

Toni performs at the 30th Annual Breeders' Cup in Arcadia, Cal., and..

S3E21 - They Threw a Shoe..

Tamar throws a birthday party for Toni, who pushes her sisters too f..

S3E20 - #Wack #Family

Tensions between Tamar and Towanda lead to a showdown mediated by To..

S3E18 - Birthday-Zilla

The sisters return home after touring with Toni; Towanda's 40th birt..

S3E17 - Tour de Divas

Toni battles nerves and Trina struggles with her background singing ..

S3E15 - I Don't Have No B..

Traci confronts Kevin over rumors that he fathered an illegitimate s..

S3E14 - A Very Public Aff..

Toni works with Babyface on her single, while Tamar promotes her new..


Toni comes to a decision about her music career and causes a minor d..

S3E12 - Braxton Leading L..

Evelyn starts dating again; and a business decision by Trina elicits..

S3E11 - Go Hard or Go Home!

Tamar and Toni have harsh criticism for Trina who, along with Traci,..

S3E10 - Sister Act

The ladies take Tamar to her first parenting class; and Trina prepar..

S3E9 - Hello BabyGoodbye ..

Hello Baby, Goodbye Dog

S3E8 - A Diva's Dilemma

Trina angers her sisters by changing plans for the store she's openi..

S3E7 - A Diva's Dilemma

Trina angers her sisters by changing plans for the store she's openi..

S3E6 - Party in the DMV

Tempers flare between the girls at Papa Braxton's birthday bash; Eve..

S3E5 - Traci's Bustin' Out!

The sisters call a truce; Traci struggles with a speech for the Wome..

S3E4 - Braxton Family Val..

Gabe receives help from Toni and Traci picking out a ring for Trina;..

S3E3 - The Tamar-vention

An emergency therapy session is called so that the sisters can hash ..

S3E2 - LightsCameraBraxto..

Toni receives a visit from her sisters while shooting a film in Cana..

S3E1 - CiaoBraxtons!

Season 3 begins with Toni taking her sisters to Italy, but not befor..


Toni comes to a decision about her music career and causes a minor d..

S2E24 - Making the Cut

Toni asks her sisters to perform with her in St. Lucia; Gabe gets a ..

S2E23 - Birthday Party or..

Trina prepares for a music-video shoot; Traci is given a surprise bi..

S2E22 - Great Eggspectati..

Towanda is set up on a blind date; Trina makes a music video; Tamar ..

S2E21 - Sock It to 'Em

Trina quits her band to focus on her solo career; Toni models for a ..

S2E20 - Baby Business and..

Tamar weighs her fertility options; Toni looks for backing vocalists..

S2E19 - Finale

Trina copes with leaving Gabe, and performs original material in fro..

S2E18 - A Clean Break

Evelyn calls off the wedding; Toni tells Tamar that she has parted w..

S2E17 - Wedding Daze

Wedding stress gets to Evelyn; Traci meets with her father in Maryla..

S2E16 - Bridezilla

A bachelorette party is planned for Evelyn; Toni returns to the stud..

S2E15 - Soul-o Act

Tamar lands a gig performing at a tribute to Gladys Knight in Atlant..

S2E14 - Stir Crazy

Towanda finds a big mess at Tamar's temporary home; Gabe worries tha..

S2E13 - Critical Condition

Vince is hospitalized after doctors find blood clots in his lungs; T..


Tamar and Vince clash during a trip to Chicago; Towanda shows off he..

S2E11 - Desert Divas

True feelings are revealed during a therapy session; Toni opines tha..

S2E10 - Sisters at War

A family tribute to Toni for her induction into the Georgia Music Ha..

S2E9 - Like HusbandLike W..

Trina shocks her sisters by revealing her affair; Tamar and Toni cla..

S2E8 - NYC or Bust

To prepare for a gig in New York, the sisters go through grueling vo..

S2E7 - Family Feuding

Trina wants Towanda to move out, but it's left to Gabe to drop the h..

S2E6 - The Family Unites

Toni needs surgery, and the family gathers around her; and Tamar rev..

S2E4 - Toni's New Doo-Wop..

Traci's performance as a backup singer; Evelyn's new boyfriend.

S2E3 - A Snooping Dog

Tamar tells her sisters she got a job as a guest morning D.J. in Chi..

S2E2 - Beauty School Drop..

Tamar reveals her solo project to her sisters, then goes behind her ..

S2E1 - R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

In the Season 2 premiere, Toni reveals a secret about Tamar that lea..

S1E11 - Braxton Family Re..

Wendy Williams discusses the first season of "Braxton Family Values"..

S1E10 - Guess Who's Comin..

In the first-season finale, the ladies' father attends a family dinn..

S1E9 - You Can't Go Home ..

The sisters go to Maryland to visit their father, but the trip doesn..

S1E8 - To Play or Not to ..

Toni considers posing nude for a photo shoot, but Tamar is against t..

S1E7 - Dog of a Birthday ..

The ladies go to Los Angeles for their mom's birthday, but a fight t..

S1E6 - Getting the Band B..

The ladies consider recording a family album; Towanda moves in with ..

S1E5 - From Russia With L..

Toni prepares for a concert in Russia; Towanda steps in for Tamar to..

S1E4 - I Love L.A.

Toni reveals she has lupus at an awards ceremony in Los Angeles. Els..

S1E3 - It's My Birthday

The ladies celebrate Toni's birthday with a trip to Miami; Tamar is ..

S1E2 - Taste of a Wedding..

The sisters plan an intervention following Trina's DUI. The tension ..

S1E1 - The Bermuda Triangle

R&B star Toni Braxton enlists her sisters' help for a performance in..