Banana Fish - Season 1


* Based on an action shoujo manga by Yoshida Akimi. 1973, Vietnam - an American soldier goes mad and guns down his buddies. Since then, the only words he has uttered are "Banana Fish"... ...
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S1E12 -To Have and Have N..

Arthur's guys are killed by Ash back to back, including Wookie. Ash ..

S1E11 - The Beautiful and..

Ash and his guys have escaped from Golzine's mansion. Golzine is fur..

S1E10 - Babylon Revisited

Shorter being dead, Ash is devastated. Outside, Sing and Alex are ca..

S1E9 - Save Me The Waltz

Eiji and Shorter are taken to Golzine's residence, but Shorter is re..

S1E8 - Banal Story

Jessica and Michael are attacked by someone. Ash and Max go to help ..

S1E7 - The Rich Boy

Ash and his group heads to Los Angeles with the address 102, 42 West..

S1E6 - My Lost City

In the hope that Griffin has left materials and photos of Banana Fis..

S1E5 - From Death to Morn..

With Jenkins' discretion, Ash is released. Upon finding out that Gri..

S1E4 - This Side of Parad..

It was Arthur who appeared before Eiji who was visiting Meredith's m..

S1E3 - Across the River a..

Ash is sent to prison. Max, who was in the same room, was asked to l..

S1E2 - In Another Country

Skip and Eiji were taken away by Frederick Arthur's gangs. Ash is ca..

S1E1 - A Perfect Day for ..

In New York, Ash Lynx a boy with an perfect appearance and outstandi..