Ensemble cast of off-the-wall Warner Brothers characters, appearing in a wide variety of roles. Wakko...
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S2E30 - I'm Mad

(Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Short) Dr. Scratchansniff takes the Warners..

S2E29 - Randy Beaman #13 ..

(Randy Beaman Wrap-Around) Colin tells a story about how Randy Bea..

S2E19 - Miami Mama-Mia

Pesto is Outraged when his mom is going to marry a pigeon in his mid..

S2E18 - Randy Beaman #11 ..

(Randy Beaman Wrap-Around) Colin tells a story about how Randy Bea..

S2E17 - Wheel of Morality..

(Wheel of Morality Wrap-Around) The Warners reveal the moral of t..

S2E9 - Wheel of Morality ..

(Wheel of Morality Wrap-Around) The Warners reveal the moral of t..

S2E7 - Morning Malaise

(Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Short) An annoying morning radio show host..

S2E5 - Dot's Poetry Corne..

(Dot's Poetry Corner Wrap-Around) Dot recites a poem about how ros..

S2E4 - Take My Siblings P..

(Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Short) Each of the Warners crosses a bridg..

S2E1 - Dot's Poetry Corne..

(Dot's Poetry Corner Wrap-Around) Dot recites a poem about how she..

S1E60 - Testimonials

Several old-time movie stars talk about their encounters with the Wa..

S1E58 - Home on De-Nile

Rita and Runt are in ancient Egypt where Cleopatra is looking for a ..

S1E56 - Wings Take Heart

When a male moth and a female butterfly fall in love they head to th..

S1E54 - Ta Da DumpTa Da D..

The Goodfeathers must help Pesto when he gets his head caught in a p..

S1E52 - Be Careful What Y..

The Warners sing about the ingredients of junk food.

S1E51 - Plane Pals

Onboard a plane, the Warners annoy a tightwad who is forced to sit b..

S1E49 - The Boids

The Goodfeathers are hired as stunt birds for an Alfred Hitchcock ho..

S1E48 - Hearts of Twilight

A crazy movie director is millions of dollars overbudget and the CEO..

S1E47 - The Flame

The flame on a candle tells the story of how it witnesses the beginn..

S1E46 - Davy Omelette

Chicken Boo is mistaken for Davy Omelette the frontiersman. He helps..

S1E45 - Wakko's America

In a Jeopardy style game in the teacher's classroom, Wakko has to na..

S1E44 - Four Score and Se..

On a train to Gettysburg, the Warners help Abraham Lincoln write the..

S1E43 - A Moving Experience

Flavio and Marita head to New York in order to find a trendy new pla..

S1E42 - Meatballs or Cons..

In Sweden, Wakko enters a meatball eating contest and eats too many ..

S1E39 - Pavlov's Mice

In turn of the century Russia, Pinky and the Brain are conditioned t..

S1E38 - The Cat and the F..

In 1690's Italy, a violin maker named Stradivarius takes a stray Rit..

S1E37 - Roll OverBeethoven

Yakko, Wakko, and Dot help Beethoven compose his fifth symphony.

S1E36 - The Great Wakkoro..

Wakko belches The Blue Danube Waltz by Johann Strauss.

S1E35 - Hurray for Slappy

Slappy goes to a banquet held in her honor in order to receive an aw..

S1E34 - Chalkboard Bungle

The studio hires a new teacher named Miss Flamiel to teach the Warne..

S1E33 - Battle for the Pl..

Brain wants to take over the world by tricking people into thinking ..

S1E32 - Space Probed

The Warners are abducted by aliens and taken aboard their spaceship ..

S1E31 - Cat on a Hot Stee..

Mindy follows a kitten into a dangerous construction site. Buttons f..

S1E30 - La La Law

When Dr. Scratchansniff gets a parking ticket, he goes to court to f..

S1E29 - Little Old Slappy..

In order to deliver a letter, Slappy drive her brand new car all ove..

S1E28 - La Behemoth

When Flabbio and Marita's maid quits over a misunderstanding, the Hi..

S1E27 - Hello Nice Warners

On a day when our heroes are happily running from Ralph, they hide i..

S1E25 - Garage Sale of th..

A man is having a garage sale, but runs into problems when the Warne..

S1E23 - No PainNo Painting

In 1905, the Warners arrive at the Paris home of the famous artist P..

S1E22 - King Yakko

Yakko inherits the throne of Anvilania a small kingdom best known as..

S1E21 - Where Rodents Dare

With one of his new inventions, Brain plans to freeze all the leader..

S1E20 - Wally Llama

Wally Llama who lives on top of a mountain in the Himalayas is the w..

S1E18 - The Big Candy Store

The Warners give the owner of a candy store a hard time.

S1E17 - When Rita Met Runt

An owner gives up her cat Rita to a pet prison because she's too ind..

S1E16 - Piano Rag

Dr.Scratchnsniff, Ralph the guard, and Hello Hurse all chase after t..

S1E15 - What Are We?

The Warners are hypnotized by Dr. Scratchansniff in order to make t..

S1E13 - Temporary Insanity

When the CEO's secretary gets sick, he is forced to hire Yakko, Wakk..

S1E12 - Taming Of The Scr..

Thaddeus Plotz has invited over some very important buisness people ..

S1E11 - Goodfeathers: The..

In order to become a Goodfeather, Squit must find the Godpigeon some..

S1E10 - Hooked on a Ceiling

Michelangelo paints the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. He must finis..

S1E8 - Slappy Goes Walnuts

Slappy tries to get some walnuts in a yard guarded by a dog.

S1E7 - H.M.S. Yakko

The Warners Tresspass on captain Mel's beach. He tries to get them t..

S1E6 - Win Big

Brain competes on a trivia game show entitled "Gyp-Parody" to win mo..

S1E5 - Cookies for Einstein

As scouts, the Warners try to sell cookies. They get to Einstein's h..

S1E4 - Yakko's World

Yakko sings a song to the tune of the Mexican Hat Dance listing the ..

S1E3 - Nighty-Night Toon

In a slight parody of Winnie the Pooh, each of the Animaniacs are wi..

S1E1 - Newsreel of the St..

(Cold Opening) A news document from 1930 showing how the Warner br..